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  • How to make the perfect pocket square: The Cooper


    In our third instalment of the How To Pocket Square series we pick out The Cooper as our focus. We’ve previously had The Astaire Pocket Square and The Cagney Pocket Square. The Cooper is named after the actor Gary Cooper (pictured above).

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  • Tenacious D will rock your socks off

    Tenacious D Socks

    Tenacious D are not only hard core rockers but were visionaries singing about socks before they became popular. Jack Black is not known for his sense of style but the man sure does know how to rock your socks off!

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  • Shop in your closet before you shop in a store

    Men's Clothing Closet

    Too many of us fall prey to the forces of retail therapy. We insist of churning out our wardrobe every so often and keeping the machine going by spending our hard earned money on another new pair of blue jeans that are slightly skinnier/baggier/bluer/demin-ier. It can become unbearable and extremely expensive to stay up to […]

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  • NicSocks walking through the Whitehouse


    It’s very rare for a fashion item with as much personality as a NicSocks Sock to be seen anywhere near the WhiteHouse, let alone on the actual grounds. One of our very loyal fans snapped a picture of The Checkerboard NicSocks strolling through the WhiteHouse. If you look at the photo above you’ll see the […]

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  • Arctic Monkeys Sing About Knee Socks

    It seems like the Arctic Monkeys can sign about anything and make it sexy and catchy. Lucky for us, they chose to sing about a lady and her knee socks. The guitar riff being played by Alex Turner while he sings is just incredible. The fact that he can do both of those things at […]

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  • Louis CK Can’t Put On His Socks

    Louis CK Socks

    I’m a huge fan of Louis CK. I think the man is a veritable comedic genius. He plays out of his boots with this skit about putting on his socks. In a very large nutshell; Louis hates putting on his socks because he’s too fat to do it. But you can watch the video and […]

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  • Cat Wears Socks and Forgets How To Walk

    Cat in Socks

    Last week we featured dogs wearing socks. This week it’s the turn of the cat. This hilarious video features a cat wearing socks of some kind. The cat has absolutely no idea how to walk wearing socks.

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  • The story of the missing socks

    Missing Sock

    A few years ago there was a fantastic advert on TV that followed a single sock on an epic adventure. The short advert was a very funny depiction of where socks go when their owners think they’re “missing”. Truth be told, this is where I hope my missing socks go.  

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  • How to make the perfect pocket square: The Cagney

    In our first Pocket Square How To, we helped you figure out The Astaire Pocket Square. Four steps to stardom that was. But now it’s time we move onto the slightly more complicated Cagney. It’s a seven step process but bare with it because the final results are fantastic.

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  • How to make up the perfect pocket square: The Astaire

    Pocket squares are tricky little things but can really make a man stand out in a crowd. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to run a series of articles on how to make up various types of pocket squares. We’re going to be starting with The Astaire and move on from there. So here goes:

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  • How to fold your socks when traveling

    How to Fold your Socks when traveling

    For years, it appears, I’ve been folding my socks incorrectly. When you travel, socks are one of those things that you forget about and end up throwing into your bag just before you head out of the door to rush to your flight because you’re late, obviously. In this video, the CrazyRussianHacker does a fantastic […]

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  • How to tie a bow tie

    Bow Tie - the How To

    This little fashion accessory has been the downfall of many a man (including those in Downton Abbey I can assure you, why do you think they have valets?!) but it’s time to figure out how to to a bow tie. It’s not as complicated as you might think. Here’s a great graphic from Conor Whelan: […]

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  • Dogs wearing socks

    Socks are serious business around these parts. Except when you put them on animals. A dog wearing socks is one of the strangest and most humorous sights you will ever see. Most often dogs need to wear socks if they’ve had something happen to their paws. When that does occur, the owner might feel bad […]

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  • The different types of shirt collars

    Formal Shirt Collars

    It’s not easy to dress up these days. You have a lot of decisions to make and they can often make or break an outfit. One of the most important but under-appreciated choices is the formal shirt collar. Many men wont actually be able to decipher the different options available when it comes to collar […]

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  • Fun Sock Fridays


    It’s time to take wearing Fun Socks to a new height. Every Friday I like to go all out, balls to the wall, colour to the floor, so to speak. I put on the loudest, craziest pair of socks I can find. The strangest thing happens when I do that…I start to feel happier. I […]

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  • Different Length Of Your Pants Can Make Or Break Your Look


    I’ve often sat at a bar, or any public place really and wondered what looked odd about that guy across the way. Is it the jacket that doesn’t really work with his outfit? Is it the shoes that are too big (sometimes) or could it just be the guy is funny looking? Recently I realised […]

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  • Fragrant Fashion – Your Scent Makes A Difference


    Fashion is about clothing, that’s true. But you experience fashion and people with more than a single sense. In fact, I’d argue that you probably do a lot more smelling and touching when you are shopping once you’ve had a quick look at the garmant. It’s important to remember this when you’re dressing. It’s not […]

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  • 5 Accessories To Match with Your Socks That Will Help You Get Noticed

    Wearing loud and crazy socks is a great way to make yourself smile in the morning when you’re getting dressed. But sometimes it can be tricky to mentally justify the craziness in relation to the rest of your wardrobe and outfit for the day. Here are some quick tips on items that you can wear […]

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  • The New Custom Swag – Designer Socks

    Custom Sock Swag

    We’ve all attended conferences, office events, corporate gigs and a variety of other happenings that inevitably end in a little bag of swag. Just in case you’re wondering what swag is: You know those branded goodies inside of that little bag you get when you leave an event? That’s swag. That useless pen that never […]

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  • Your Next Bithday Suit Needs A Sexy Pair Of Socks


    There are all sorts of suits in the world but one of the oldest and one of the all-time most worn suits in the history of the world must be the Birthday Suit. Just in case you’re not sure what the Birthday Suit is, here’s a short description from Urban Dictionary: having no clothes or […]

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  • Colourful Sock Packs


    Socks are a wondrous accessory for anyone trying to stand out in the crowd (literally). We like to make sure that everyone who wants our socks can get them on their terms. A lot of people love our sock subscription options and some like to buy their socks one by one in our sock shop. […]

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  • Amazing Places to Discover Men’s Style

    Men's Fashion Inspiration

    It’s hard out there for a guy. You’re too cool, you’re not cool enough, you’re too hipster, you’re too corporate. Who knows where one really fits in? The best thing a man can do is experience a variety of choices and options that are available out there. Here’s a short list of some amazing places […]

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  • What exactly is a pop-up shop?


    There’s a craze sweeping the land and its name is Pop-up. Fashion, food and anything in between has been struck by this fad that seems to be here to stay. Let’s jump back a bit before we get into the concept of a pop-up shop. First there was the old school brick and mortar shop. […]

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  • Happiness Creates Success – Interview

    Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 6.46.27 AM

    I was recently interviewed for a Standard Bank event and asked to talk about how my happiness is creating success. I wouldn’t say it’s always easy and happy and definitely wont say that there’s success just yet but it was a fun interview to do.  

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  • Trevor Stuurman Becomes a NicSocks Aficionado


    We are incredibly excited to announce the arrival of a new face as a NicSocks Aficionado. Aficionados are people that we find who encompass our style mantra, our ethos and provoke us to think differently. Here’s a little bit about Trevor: Trevor Stuurman, 21, describes himself as a small town boy working towards his big […]

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  • Should your socks match your shoes?

    Sock matching shirt

    Traditionally it is said that your socks should match your pants. There it is. The old-school truth. But times they are a changin’ and I’m here to tell you that matching of the socks is in the foot of the wearer. There are a variety of ways to consider your socks. Socks match your pants […]

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  • Tom Ford 2015 Needs Some Color

    Tom Ford Winter Socks

    Tom Ford has previewed his 2015 collection. You can take a look at the entire slideshow on GQ. We have massive respect for Tom Ford. His design genius is clear and present but the man clearly dislikes socks as an accessory. His 2015 looks feature high boots and skinny denims. We can only imagine that […]

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  • Winter Socks

    Burburry Winter

    Traditionally when you walk around in Winter you see a lot of grey, black and white. Very plain and boring color choices. Things have started to change somewhat in the recent past and today Winter can, and should, be used to shout a bit of flashy color at the world. What better what to do […]

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