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  • April Fools Sock RickRoll

    You’ve been RickRolled.

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  • Colourful Sock Greatness

    The Internet has been buzzing recently with an article published in Wired UK about colourful socks and their ability to aid in the achievement of greatness. Your colourful sock greatness is achievable if you know where to shop and what to buy. We’re here to tell you that it’s true. We knew it was true. […]

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  • Advertiser Socks – Andy Rice loves our socks

    The Ad Feature - Heroes & Zeros Ep2

    I love it when trendy and experienced marketers and advertisers buy into a quality product like ours and wearing advertiser socks! Andy Rice is a loyal Sockaholic and absolutely loves his bamboo socks warming his toes. Andy is wearing his Blue Polka Dot Socks with pride and a beaming smile. It’s fantastic to see Jenny Crwys-Williams openly and […]

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  • Custom Socks by NicSocks


    NicSocks has been making socks for over a year now and we’ve become very proficient in the process. That’s why we recently launched a custom socks service for our Sockaholics. We want you to wear the socks we love and we design but we also know that you want to wear the socks you love and […]

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  • Sockaholic Brr Rogers featured in GQ

    We like stylish men. We like a man who knows what he likes to wear and knows what fits. Brr Rogers is one such man and as luck would have it, he wears NicSocks. Here’s a shot from his recent feature in GQ South Africa:   You can head over to GQ to see his […]

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  • Feel special when you buy socks online


    This little gem was shared with us via one of our loyal sockaholics, @waseemsader. This is how we hope you feel every time we ship you a pair of socks, wherever you are in the world.  

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  • Style Setters: Mr Alain Delon

    Style Setters: Mr Alain Delon

    Fantastic short documentary on style setter, Mr Alain Delon who was a world famous actor around the same time as James Dean and Marlon Brando.

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  • 100 years of style out of East London

    Here’s a great little video of the style progressions over the past 100 years in East London. Keep an eye out on the gentleman’s pants and how they expand and contract over the years. I thought it was a nice touch that they also included the music and dance styles over the generations.

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  • 8 fashion forward men to follow on Instagram


    It’s always difficult to look into your wardrobe and know exactly what to wear with what. Which colours match which and which colours don’t match but for the right reasons. Here’s a list of 8 men to follow on Instagram who can help you figure out what works for you and what looks work overall: […]

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  • Your Style is your own

    STyle Poster

    Browsing through the typical New Year blog posts and articles we discovered some fantastic motivational posters to kick-start your year (thanks to @matthewarnold for the link). One in particular really made sense to us and we think it applies to our brand, socks and loyal Sockaholics. Welcome to 2014. Definitely the year of the sock, […]

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  • Holiday Shipping Details

    We love the holidays. So does everyone else and this means that things get crazy around the world with orders coming in like mad! That’s a good thing but that does mean that courier companies and post offices around the world often suffer under heavy loads. To ensure that no one suffers disappointment here are […]

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  • 6th Made for Gentlemen winner announced


    Congratulations to our 6th weekly Made for Gentlemen and NicSocks winner, Thato Mokoneo! To stand a chance to win a pair of unique NicSocks; simply design your Brotherhood suit at! Our next winner will be announced shortly so get your entries in as soon as you can.

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  • Chivas Regal Competition Winner


    This past weeks Chivas competition winner was announced. We’re really happy to be sending a pair of socks to Mfundo Gumede. Congratulations Mfundo! If you want to win a pair of NicSocks head over to the Made for Gentlemen website and build your own suit!

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  • Our first year

    image thanks to Will Clayton

    Believe it or not, NicSocks is 1 year old today. Right now. This very day. I could not be happier that we’ve managed to weather what many startups rightfully feel is the toughest part of a business; year 1! Many people thought I was absolutely crazy to start a company selling a real product, making […]

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  • Chivas – Made for Gentlemen Winners


    NicSocks has had the privilege of partnering up with Chivas Regal South Africa over the past few weeks. We’re bringing style, finesse and a touch of class to the South African man. So far there have been three fantastic suit-creators who have each won themselves a NicSocks prize:   There are only a few more […]

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  • Sock Snuff Film Shocks the World

    Yesterday we received a link to a shocking video that has rocked the sock world. The video above is not for sensitive sock lovers. You will see a dog viciously attack what appears to be a pair of Candy Stripe NicSocks. It sounds like the owner is chuckling in the background of what now is […]

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  • Old Street Magazine Article

    Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 4.13.50 PM

    We love to talk about socks, in case you hadn’t noticed. We especially love to answer questions about socks, our story and the South African fashion industry. That’s exactly what we were able to discuss over at Old Street. You can view our feature (and their killer mag) over here on page 34.

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  • Spotted in the Wild: Mario Blocks


    A loyal sock-enthusiast and NicSocks customer, Jason Bagley, recently sent in a fantastic image of his amazingly decorated feet. Jason and his wife Karina have just had a beautiful girl, Eva. They had a photoshoot with her recently and Jason chose to wear his pair of the Mario Block NicSocks during the shoot. We think […]

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  • Free Shipping in South Africa


    Everyone hates paying for shipping. We know this, you know this and you know we know this. Now if you order 3 or more pairs of NicSocks and you live in South Africa, shipping is free! image:  ɹǝʇǝd

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  • Send the Gift of Socks


    We’re gearing up for the holiday season of 2013. Yes, we like to plan ahead here at NicSocks. We also like to give you things you didn’t know you wanted but will love nevertheless. With this in mind you can now send socks as a gift to your favourite guy. All you have to do is […]

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  • New Monthly Sock Subscriptions Available

    Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.51.12 AM

    Since the start we’ve been convinced that monthly sock subscriptions would be the future of NicSocks. Since that moment we’ve been working tirelessly to make it possible to accept credit card payments (which is surprisingly difficult) on a recurring monthly basis in South Africa. That moment has finally arrived. You can now receive socks every […]

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  • NicSocks in Dollars

    Dollars_Seth Thomas Rasmussen

    For months and months we’ve been deciding whether we should stick with our store currency as Rands or flip over to the more widely accepted Dollar currency. We’ve finally made the choice to move over US Dollars. There are a couple of simple reasons for this. Firstly we have a lot of overseas customers who […]

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  • The Fierce Gentleman Manifesto


    It’s sometime difficult to explain who wears NicSocks, what kind of gentleman we like to look after and aim to be. But then we discovered the Fierce Gentleman Manifesto. It’s a long read but they were kind enough to provide 21 points from the manifesto. Here they are for your reading pleasure: We seek first to heal […]

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  • Celebrities wearing NicSocks – Ben Affleck

    The entertainment, geek and comic worlds have been a bit of a buzz lately with the news that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the upcoming Superman movie. We thought it would be fun to see what Affleck would look like in a pair of the newly launched Sunset NicSocks. So here the man is […]

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  • The New NicSocks Packaging

    NicSocks have been packaged in two different ways since we launched in November last year. We’ve been working hard on giving our Sockaholics the very best unpacking experience possible and I think we’ve arrived at a fantastic way to present you with your socks. After some research into our past 8 months of sales and […]

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  • Celebrities wearing NicSocks – Jay Z


    The big man has just released his latest album and we wanted to see him kicking it with his NicSocks. So we’ve gone and done  it. Above is what Jay Z would look like wearing a pair of EyeSpy NicSocks. And here, just for good measure, is the new Jay Z video:

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  • Michael Jackson


    Who wore socks better than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? No one. That’s who. If he was still alive and he could wear a pair of NicSocks, I’m sure he’d rock the hell out of The Clown socks. Since we’ll never see this in real life here’s what the man himself would look like.

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  • How Clothes Should Fit

    Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 10.40.01 PM

    Socks are really just the start of any great outfit. To truly dress amazingly you need to understand how things fit. I hate rules as a general point of departure but there are some rules that matter because they make you feel and look fantastic. Here at NicSocks we bend the rules a little and […]

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